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A trusted supplier of medical grade cannabis

Medical grade cannabis is increasingly recognised as an effective and proven treatment for diseases and disorders, including cancer, chronic pain, inflammation, epilepsy, arthritis and depression.

A number of countries around the world are reconsidering the legal status of cannabis, in particular for medicinal purposes including a number in Europe (for example Germany, France, the UK, Italy and Portugal), Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Israel.

Highlands aims to meet the growing demand for medical grade cannabis by supplying high quality, low-cost CBD and THC flower to medical cannabis companies.

We also offer contract cultivation services to other cannabis companies, provide CBD oil and flower to producers of regulated cannabis oil in the South African market and have the exclusive license to distribute and sell all Canopy Growth products in Africa.

High quality cannabis flower

Cherry Wine CBD

We planted a single variety of CBD in our 2019/2020 season, called Cherry Wine, and harvested over 4 tonnes in April 2020. Cherry Wine is one of the foundational CBD strains, which is widely used because of its high quality.

It produces a vast array of small, medium and large hemp flowers that are non-psychoactive. Cherry Wine is a crossover of “Charlotte’s Cherries”, which is known for its 50:1 CBD richness, and ”The Wife that drips resin”. It can yield a CBD content of between 14-16% and still maintain less than 0.3% THC when grown under optimum conditions. In October 2020, we planted 24,000 Cherry Wine seeds, sufficient for five hectares.

Harvest of this crop is expected in March 2021.

THC varieties

In November 2020, we will plant 15,700 high THC seeds from the following varieties; Cloud Walker, Super Silver Haze, Mango Haze, Black Domina, Amnesia Kush and CBD OG Kush (1:1). This is sufficient for a six hectare net-house grow. Harvest is expected in April 2021.

THC and CBD extract

We have the ability to provide high quality processed THC and CBD distillate extract through our outsourced partners.

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Lesotho Cannabis Inustry | Highlands Investments | Canopy Growth
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Contract cultivation

We offer contract cultivation to select medical cannabis companies. Under this arrangement we grow cannabis on behalf of these companies using their preferred cannabis variety.

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Cannabis consumer brand products

We are currently developing and selling a range of our own consumer brand products. These products will be introduced to the market as and when regulations permit and will be manufactured using input material from our Lesotho cultivation business.