We cultivate, process and package medical grade cannabis for the production of high-grade cannabis products. Highlands Investments has two cultivation facilities, one located at Kolojane and the other at Maseru Airport.

Over $25 million was invested to develop the Kolojane facility and over $10 million to develop the airport site, which are now wholly owned by Highlands Investments. The Airport site is currently leased out to another cannabis company.


We comply with international and local regulations to ensure secure facilities

Health and Safety

We are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for our employees


We have implemented stringent environmental management practices

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The Cultivation Process

The greatest of care is taken to ensure that the cannabis seeds we plant grow into premium cannabis flower. By ensuring the optimal growing conditions we are able to produce high-quality cannabis flower at scale. Rigorous HPLC testing protocols provides us with the ability to refine our breeding, growing and harvesting strategies in a data-driven manner.

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Germination in the nursery

Germination takes place in our propagation tunnel in trays. We use an automated fertigation system to feed the plants.

Outdoor growing

The germinated seedlings are migrated from the propagation tunnel to the outdoor net-houses and planted by hand. The drip irrigation system, with water supplied by our boreholes and reservoirs, ensures each plant receives the optimal amount of water and fertilizer. The whole system is computerised and a detailed daily log record all actions and parameters. Our grow team, comprising 15 men and 4 women, are responsible for daily plant checks, integrated pest management (IPM), recording data, weeding, herbivory reporting, irrigation and fertigation. The head house building is the irrigation and fertigation nerve centre. It also has a lab room for general testing and data recording.

Processing and packaging

We trim, dry, pack and store our cannabis flower in a dedicated process packaging building and ensure we follow all ISO 22000 principles during this process. A specially trained team harvests and trims by hand; they are able to trim 600kgs of semi-wet biomass per day. We also have a trimming machine to assist in times during peak demand. The team receives, inspects and records the wet biomass, which is then hung to dry in the 625m² passive drying area.

Our 750sqm process building is where the product is moved to after passive drying. Here the team inspects the biomass then trims the flower and packs it onto the sterile dryer trays before it is moved to the two large automated dry ovens.

These ovens have the capacity to dry 2000kg of wet biomass per day. Following this, the dry biomass is moved to the packaging room where it is inspected, weighed and bagged. All product is then carefully and loosely packed in 1kg bags and nitrogen flushed to remove all oxygen and ensure maximum freshness.

Once sealed it is boxed and labelled for final shipping. Every step of the process involves inspection and quality control and our on-site team wear full PPE gear for the entire process.

We also have a dedicated team employed to wash all equipment and rooms on a daily basis.

Lesotho Cannabis | Highlands Investments
Lesotho Cannabis | Highlands Investments
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