Completed in 2018

In 2018, we developed the airport site as our ‘R&D site’ and have since successfully harvested high THC crops in 2019 of 136kg and in 2020 of 201kg.  The site is currently leased to another cannabis company.

hectare THC grow license
sqm greenhouse
sqm net-house
sqm outdoor cultivation
GAP certified cultivation

World-class facilities

The airport site is a 9-hectare facility; with an indoor THC grow licence. Our established world-class growing facilities include a 500 sqm greenhouse, a 3,500 sqm net-house. There is the opportunity to add an additional 8,500 sqm on an engineered platform at this site. Harvesting and trimming is done by hand and there is a hang dry facility on site.

HPLC testing

Rigorous HPLC testing is used to determine the cannabinoids present in our crops and at what levels. This also provides us with the ability to refine our breeding, growing and harvesting strategies in a data-driven manner. A high-security fence secures the site.

High-tech security

Remote CCTV monitoring is made possible by the high-tech camera system, which also enables our team to check the site 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Our facilities are built with the highest commitment to security, health and safety and the environment.

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