Founded in 2017

Lesotho was one of the first African countries to grant licenses for the cultivation of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes. Highlands Investments (formerly Canopy Growth Africa) was granted one of the first and largest licenses by the Lesotho government in 2017. The license allows our company to cultivate, manufacture, supply, import and export medical cannabis products including flower, oil, distillate and isolate. We have established two sites in Lesotho, one at Kolojane and another near Maseru airport.

Formerly Canopy Growth Africa

Highlands Investments was formerly a wholly owned subsidiary of Canopy Growth Corporation. Canopy Growth is the world’s largest cannabis company by market capitalisation and is head quartered in Canada. Our management team was handpicked by Canopy Growth for their experience, industry expertise and knowledge of the local business environment and it was this team that went on to form Highlands Investment by way of a management buyout in 2020. Highlands Investments is committed to having a positive contribution on the community in which it operates. We currently employ 20 permanent staff, and between 20 and 40 people on a seasonal basis from the local community.

Meeting the growing demand for medical grade cannabis

In April 2020, we successfully harvested and processed four tonnes of high-quality cannabis flower. Our product is supplied to companies around the world where it is processed into medical cannabis products.  We have agreements in place to provide high quality, low cost THC and CBD medical grade cannabis to companies in Australia, Europe and the Middle East. We also provide CBD oil and flower to producers of regulated cannabis oil in the South African market.

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Meet our team

We have a highly qualified, commercially strong leadership team and a specialist team of agronomists, scientists, pharmacists and engineers oversee our cultivation process.

Meet Our Team
Lesotho Cannabis | Highlands Investments
Lesotho Cannabis | Highlands Investments
Lesotho Cannabis | Highlands Investments