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Highlands Investments Realises Complete “Seed-To-Shelf” Offering

Highlands Investments, a cultivator of low-cost, high quality medical grade cannabis, now offers a full seed-to-shelf offering.

Oil Science, a supplier of premium CBD oil, will utilise cannabis, produced at Highlands Investments Kolojane facility in Lesotho, for its latest product launch. Oil Science is majority owned by Highlands Investments.

Seed to shelf | Highlands Investments

“After four successful harvests, we are confident in the quality of the medical grade product we produce, and are excited to see it go all the way from the seed to the shelf. This is an exciting milestone for us as we see the hard work that goes in to producing quality cannabis realised in the on-shelf availability of a premium consumer product,” says Mark Corbett, Managing Director of Highlands Investments.

Oil Science uses Highlands’ CBD flower to produce premium CBD products

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Oil Science, which has been operating for two years, produces 100% pure, vegan CBD oil that is GMP certified. It supplies its products to its customers through a subscription model and is now also available through the recently launched EGG store, a unique omnichannel retail offering, and home to 270 premium South African brands.

“For us at Oil Science knowing the source of our products is paramount and we have always been committed to being fully transparent about our products and business practices. Utilising CBD flower cultivated by Highlands Investments in Lesotho is a natural fit for us, given its world-class facilities and strict adherence to industry standards,” says Anton Groeneveldt, Managing Director of Oil Science.

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RFID tracking ensures traceability of Highlands’ cannabis

Highlands Kolojane facility is structured around GAP & GMP principles and has an ISO 22000 (GAP/GMP) Quality Management System to ensure accountability and traceability. Highlands has also implemented an RFID tracking system, which enables the accurate tracking of each plant from seed to shelf.

“RFID tracking ensures full traceability of our products and offers maximum safety for our partners and ultimately consumers,” concludes Corbett. “We believe traceability is essential to ensure that consumers know the origin of the products they purchase.”